Using a Client’s Contact Us Form

If you can't find an email on their website or phone number .. Use their Contact Us form - here is an example

BE RESOURCEFUL to get their info .. First check their social media links on their website (especially if they have facebook) 99% of people tend to fill in a business contact email and/or a phone number there if they haven't on their website so it's an easy way to get current info - If it is a business page its fine to message them, if it's a personal page chances are if you use the message system it will get stuck in a spam filter so it's always more professional and productive to email or call

Just type over my email if you are going to copy and paste this RIGHT CLICK on the email address and make sure to edit the email in the link box as well as the text)

Hi There

Sorry to have to use this method to contact you but I don't seem to be able to find an email or phone number and really wanted to get in touch.

I wondered if you would like to take a peak at what we have going on - it's for a network that benefits all the Adult Alternative Lifestyles .. I would love to drop you some more info .. can you please send me a phone number and/or email to and I would be happy to forward some info as I believe some of our members may get great use from your services and products.





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