Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Enhancements

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Many people in the alternative lifestyles have cosmetic surgery, boob implants being a huge one but others opt for all kinds of self improvements as well as sex change surgeons. Here is a simple cut. copy paste into that you can send to businesses within this field 


We wanted to drop you a line to introduce ourselves. We represent a large network across all Alternative Lifestyle areas from the seductive swingers to the LGBT Communities.


Now while your instant reaction may be to feel this is not your niche as a marketing avenue, we ask you to ponder that just a little and read on for a moment ....


Within all of these Alternative Lifestyle circles it is very common for our members to opt for self improving surgeries & medical aesthetic procedures. There is a huge demand for "beautifying"  anything and everything (in all genders) from anti-aging to breast enhancing procedures.


Our community websites and upscale Private Adult Social Platform provide the resources and recommendations for such companies like yourselves to promote to a specific market needing these services and is optimal for those welcoming the more diverse clientele. We also do a specific company feature on our Blog Portal which get's thousands of visitors per week


Many of our clients are affluent, travel frequently (and often prefer nude locations - hence require the upgraded body) but in general we have a variance of young to senior members that constantly look to us for recommendations, Cosmetic Surgeons, Aesthetic practices and Beauticians are very high on the list of frequent requests.


Therefore, we feel we would be an ideal platform for you to promote your services within our Adult Alternative Lifestyle Networks. I am happy to send you more information upon request but meantime please take a look at our Network Promotions


I would love the opportunity to discuss more with you at your convenience and look forward to your response and questions.


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