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Clients will ask specific questions which will require a mixture of responses but here is an example Q&A to give you an idea. The main thing is to try to talk to them on the phone and not spend all your time and emails back and forth, get them closed down while the interest is hot, emails can be lost quickly so CALL in most cases


Hi Eric


To answer your question briefly, we have our main Social Platform The Alt Style which is very similar to Facebook in function (as far as posting socially with pics, videos, comments and joining or creating groups and exploring other members). This is 100% free to join for our members and will stay that way. Unlike other platforms we do not charge $20-$40 a month as we strongly believe the world should have access to a free community for open minded, liberated souls to socialize, make friends but also have all the resources they need at their fingertips for travel, shopping, events & resources, which is why we are confident we will be the fastest growing and most successful adult platform out there.


Once you sign up for the community site you will see that you can find events (which have been quiet with Covid but will kick up now everything is opening), you can also find clubs and businesses By state or Region or Worldwide, and we also have a classifieds section where small businesses can list for as little as $11 bucks a month.


Our advertisers support and sponsorship allow us to keep the site 100% free and maintained for our members and our larger sponsors allow for us to have the most creative web designers and in return giving all our advertisers so many vast opportunities to be seen. Our App will be launching soon which we are excited about. We have kept all pricing for advertising very affordable for any size business to be able to promote their services/products. Please take a look at all our advertising options here.


Our supporting network sites (links below) are all divided into various dynamics such as BDSM, Swingers, LGBTQ+ as well as our main blog which is extremely popular not only in education and fun but also driving new members to our sites daily. Each month we are expanding these network sites and will soon include a podcasting station as well as a digital LS Magazine. Each network site allows you to promote specifically to your target markets as well as being included on our main platform giving our sponsors opportunities to reach all dynamics for maximum opportunity on our bundle options.


Our goal is to constantly promote acceptance within all our adult communities, educating that people have the choice and opportunity to LIVE LIFE THEIR WAY in a shame free world and ensuring they have the resources to do it safely.


I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you in person at your convenience, if you could send me your number and a good time I would be happy to run through your questions making sure we get you the right exposure for as little budget as possible.


I look forward to speaking with you and my cell number is below if you prefer to call me anytime.


Have a fabulous day

Here are the current sites we can promote you on, each month we will be launching a new addition to our networks

COMING SOON – Podcast Community Station & Digital LS Magazine

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